Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hand Carved Furniture Created In Mexico

So many people do not realize what "hand-made" really is. I didn't know until I visited a small workshop in Rosarito and watched the artist at work. The design is pencilled in on the wood and then using 25-30 different tools each swirl and curve is expertly carved to design the pattern. Only wood is used as opposed to "hard wood solids" that makes up most of the store furniture.

Attached are some photos of Bruno at work and the last photo shows the base of a dining table that he made!


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful resource you have. I will get some photos of furniture I like and get a quote from you.
I got the antique bar safely home and it looks fantastic. Thanks!
Regards Robert

Anonymous said...

This craftsman is a wonderful resource you have... I will get some pictures of furniture I like and ask you for a quote.

The antique bar got delivery and looks fantastic, thanks for all your help.


Leslie Harwoood said...

From Leslie Harwood:

I have ever had such a wondreful furniture exploring and shopping experience. I simply describe what a am looking for and within 24 hours I have pictures of what can be done. The crasmanship is beautiful, the prices exception.
the best part of the experience is Elizabeth's personal desire to provide professional and personal service. Elizabeth does not rest until she has located what I need!

I will buy here always.

Scot said...

Are those doors in the back ground? Are you able to buy custom sized double wrought iron doors?

mark spiezio said...

I bought a dining room table in guadalajara 5 years ago and have never found matching chairs. I have a picture of something I'd like. Can you tell me how I can buy them?

mark spiezio said...

Forgot-you can reach me at